SLVRCLD | Settle

Settling the claim is the last interaction with your client. Finish strong.

It is easy to neglect the settlement stage, especially to fall back on old habbits. That would be missing out on a great last opportunity to wow your customer. Payment methods are rapidly evolving, and with it so should your settlement strategy. The new goal should be "instant settlement", ensuring claimant can action the outcome of a claim as quickly as possible.

The best option still is choice. More than a great payment type, it is the ability to give your customer the option to choose their prefered settlement method that will drive a great customer experience. With SLVRCLD | Settle, we are working on better and more comprehensive ways for you to settle with your customer, that are both simple and fast to use.

Which payment style suits you?

Sometimes this is the best settlement method for the claim.
Virtualised gift card and can be used instantaneously at the successful supplier.
Pre-paid debit card
Filtered by categories and suppliers where the claimed items are to be replaced.
Purchase Order
This is an old legacy settlement method but still works well at smaller independent suppliers.