SLVRCLD | Replace

Allowing you to automatically and accurately find a suitable replacement.

Over the years, our team has worked on millions of actual insurance claims. Building on this experience with modern data analytics and machine learning tools, we built SLVRCLD | Replace; our engine that automatically finds suitable replacements for discontinued and unavailable items. The engine uses the insurance industry standard of a like-for-like replacement, recommending items based on their suitability as a replacement, rather than the consumer based reviews that focus on finding a suitable upgrade. This results in a more accurate replacement which (when used in conjunction with SLVRCLD | Quantification) results in a more accurate valuation of the claimant's loss.

supplier panel specific results

SLVRCLD | Replace takes into account the specific insurer's panel of suppliers and only recommends replacements that are available to in that panel.

Category specific replacement

Each category has its own unique replacement rules, allowing accurate replacements whether you are looking for smartphones or toasters.


By changing the value of specific requirements, we are able to fine-tune the replacement engine by taking into account insurer specific preferences.

After a replacement has been found, you can continue on to SLVRCLD | Quantification to get a price, from your specific pannel of suppliers and in real-time.