SLVRCLD | Quantification

Prices are facts. Get the facts. And get them now.

Get an item's exact price, right when you need it

We expect pricing to be available instantly. If you want to buy a new phone, you check the price online and purchase it then and there. Why should insurance claims be any different? SLVRCLD | Quantification is the solution to help meet that challenge.

Used in conjunction with SLVRCLD | Capture and SLVRCLD | Replace you are able to automatically and instantly get a quote on most products. And where a quote is not available, a transparent tender process will obtain a new quote for you without you having to change a thing.

Lose the crystal ball

Accurate pricing

We are continuously gathering and updating quotes, so you can rely on actual in-market and in-region pricing. We also take the heavy lifting out of supplier integration, meaning that you are able to work with all shapes and sizes of suppliers - from large chain retailers to small independents.

Normalised quotes
We process all our quotes into a clean and normalised dataset, linked to a specific product, so that you can simply make the choice.
Transparent tender
When an item is not available, we will source a quote from the panel suppliers manually using a specialised, in system, tender process - completely transparently to you.
Your panel, your rules
You select the supplier panel to match your company's guidelines, policies and principles.
For more information on suppliers, please visit our Global Supplier Network page.
Nothing is perfect; how does Transparent Tender fill the gap?

Automatic, real-time quotes for items – that is the vision. But, what happens when that is not possible or not available? Simply not providing a price is not an option for SLVRCLD. Our solution: Transparent Tender, a feature in SLVRCLD | Quantification.

Using a dedicated support team (with over a decade of experience in claims and quote processing) we fill-the-gaps, ensuring that (although slightly delayed from real-time) you are still provided with a valid price, from your insurance panel, in a way that is both simple for the supplier, and transparent to you.

If you would like to know more, please reach out to us.

After obtaining a quote, you can either process the claim payment yourself, or continue on and use SLVRCLD | Settle.