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SLVRCLD is an abbreviation for silver cloud as we want to be the silver lining in the claims process offering our solution in the cloud as a B2B Saas offering.

This is how we work

Our product suite consists of four phases, from identifying the claim items through to settling the claim.

Which items were lost?

SLVRCLD has a large structured household content item dataset, that was built-up by analysing millions of actual insurance quotes, and further enhanced so that we can accurately identify the item being claimed. This can be done automatically, if the item was specified before the claim, by the claims agent or by empowering your claimant through self-help portals.

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What should the items be replaced with?

We use machine learning to determine the most suitable replacement items when an item has been discontinued, which experience has taught us is about 2 out of every 3 items.

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What would it cost to replace the items?

Replacement or current items are then quantified instantaneously from panel supplier quotes that were obtained previously. If instantaneous pricing is not available it breaks out into a quick and tender process, which all happens in the background.

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How do we get the item replaced as quickly as possible?

Each and every claim is unique and needs to be settled using the most appropriate method. There are many virtualised instantaneous methods available depending on the supplier or country.

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Meet the team

We are a highly-skilled, small, remote team, working from around the world. If we were to come into the office, that would be Haarlem in the Netherlands.
Christiaan Erasmus
Chief Executive Officer
The Netherlands
Anton Esterhuyse
Software Developer
South Africa
Storm Schutte
Data Scientist
South Korea
Johann Bosman
Software Developer
South Africa
Cavan Schutte
Front-end Developer
South Korea
Desktop Assessors
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